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About Adrian Legge

Master blacksmith Adrian Legge of Herefordshire, England has been a blacksmith for more than 30 years and has taught his trade for more than two decades. Adrian Legge still runs the shop his father started in the 1940s and his skill, experience and passion for Blacksmithing clearly show in the professionalism of his work, from hand crafted metal art work to bespoke hinges, each and every piece is made to a standard that could only come with years of experience and passion.

Adrian’s work

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You have the BEST customer service!!! My questions were answered FAST and completely!My customer is happy which means I am super happy! THANK YOU !I am so happy I bought this template and will look for your templates for my future needs.

— Kathy, CEO

Hi Nikolay,
I’ll be more than happy to rate your theme 5 stars, I can honestly say it is by far the best theme I have worked with.
Many thanks.

— Richard James Molloy

You guys ROCK ! Thank you so much.

— Kristy Crabtree, CEO


Bespoke craftsmanship


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Hand crafted artwork

Art Work

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